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Meet Stacey Rogan 

Meet Stacey Gillette Rogan lead coordinator and wedding planner in the Hudson Valley, NY

Owner/Lead Coordinator

Hey There!! I'm Stacey Rogan, a small-town New York girl obsessed with all things weddings; who turned a some day into today. Obsessed with health & fitness and any type of salad; and my kids. Keeping it real since, well a really long time.  Most peple get one chance at life and I was given two, and I'm making the most of it. Living life out loud!

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the weddings, the parties and events.  In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me wearing scrubs and clogs, exhausted at the local medical center. I had decided to change directions, and venture out of my marketing career and redirect it in health care. I thought I had landed my dream job, but that dream turned into almost life ending nightmare. 
At the age of 47, I had a full cardiac arrest (a/k/a - a Heart Attack) fortunatly for me, my quick acting husband saved my life; and nothings been the same since.  After my near death experience, I invested in me and my health and walked out of a job that almost killed me. The last four years have been a whirlwind, my first adventure out of the health care field; was to start my very own Social Media Marketing Boutique, and I have to admit I killed it; and I loved every minute of it; and I still have a couple of clients; but there was something in the back of my mind that had been sitting there and it kept telling me, "it's time", "just do it", what are you waiting for? That voice in the back of my mind was telling me that it was time to finally make a move towards my dream job; as a Wedding Coordinator. I weighed a lot of options, and while the idea of working with others at first was alluring, I decided to go it alone. You might ask why? Let me tell you; as a mom of three and part of a big family, I am a logistical expert, I can get three kids, to three different activities at the same time, I can handle anything a wedding day can throw at me, melt downs, tantrums, attitude, getting lost, the wrong color, the wrong outfit, the wrong dress, the wrong place, the wrong invite; I think you get my drift. 

I've got coordinating a wedding down to a science; and events are done with ease and confidence. 

Today you can find me hanging out with my hottie of a husband (even after 23 years), or one of my three children, they are young adults and taking the world by storm,and I love listening to them. Taking a barre class or walking my super sized puppy Scar.

I'm probably sipping a cup of coffee or a extra dirty martini, and thinking how I can help my clients enjoy their big day. Simple solutions for every very scenario.

Wanna know what makes my day, lights me up? The smile on the brides face, the grin on the MOB as she knows this day was worth it all . Seeing the FOB and the tear in the corner of his eye as he gives away his daughter. 

I love what I do, I love a love story and I'm thankful that people allow me in their lives, on the most important day of their life, if just for a little while. 






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