It’s your day. Shouldn’t you, “be your guest”? 

 Wedding Planner in Hudson Valley Planning with the Bride

Our Approach


As professional planners, we communicate with our clients on a regular basis, sometimes more than once a day; we welcome every call, and text with a smile, we become very involved in their daily lives, up to their wedding day and most times beyond. So providing a personalized service, is important to us and that starts with your proposal.     

Every wedding is a unique vision of that couple, therefore a different approach is needed for each couple. 

Whiskey & Wine offers a range of services and work with you to customize a plan that works with your wedding & your budget.

Please contact us to schedule a call or meeting for a complimentary consultation and to discuss pricing.



It’s all about “YOU” and we’ve got “YOU” covered.  

Doesn’t every bride want a wedding that will “wow” everyone? We think everyone can agree they have attended some boring, so-so weddings that are missing something.  Every bride deserves to be a guest at her own wedding, let us take over and you can enjoy the day with your family and friends. Let us help YOU be a guest at your wedding. 

Destination Weddings 

destination weddings sandals resort.png

Whether you choose to marry in the beautiful Hudson Valley, some uptown loft in NYC or some other fabulous location – our team will work with you every step of the way.