It’s your day. Shouldn’t you, “be your guest”? 


Wedding Day Coordination/Management

You spending countless hours planning your wedding, the details need to be just so. When the planning is done, and the decisions have been made, now what? When your big day arrives who’s going to make sure that everything goes according to plan? Your plan? At Whiskey & Wine Events that’s what we do for you. The team at Whiskey & Wine takes over the day of coordination and you are a guest at your own wedding. Our focus and goal is for you to “be your guest”. When your big day arrives, we are there to ensure that the day goes without so much as a hiccup and should an issue arise you will be none the wiser. We take on the role as liaison with the venue and the vendors you’ve chosen;  we work with the parents and the couple in a seamless process that starts about 3 months before your big day, and continues up until that last week leading up to your wedding day. We pull it all together and it all falls into place, it’s your day, it’s your way, and you are your Guest. Don’t shy away from having a Day of Wedding Coordinator it is one of the best wedding gifts you will give yourself. A Day of Wedding Coordinator let’s you, your family and your friends “be your guest”. 


We offer Full and Partial Event Planning


It’s all about “YOU” and we’ve got “YOU” covered.  

Doesn’t every bride want a wedding that will “wow” everyone? We think everyone can agree they have attended some boring, so-so weddings that are missing something.  Every bride deserves to be a guest at her own wedding, let us take over and you can enjoy the day with your family and friends. Let us help YOU be a guest at your wedding. We can be involved in as little or as much as you want, including planning the entire wedding or just being a part of it, it's all up to you. 



Destination Weddings in New York or Anywhere You Want


Whether you choose to marry in the beautiful Hudson Valley, some uptown loft in NYC or some other fabulous location – our team will work with you every step of the way.